Our Approach

Margaret & Maxwell provides customers with a sophisticated wine buying and tasting experience.  When you visit our store, you will find an interesting and inviting space in which to explore wine.  We strive to provide the utmost in customer service, taking the time to listen to you and assist you in choosing the ideal wine to meet your palate and budget.  Our selection is broad, encompassing many wine regions of the world at all price points.  

The aim of our wine bar is to offer patrons a place to relax with a glass of wine from selections not often found on other wine lists in the area.  We encourage our customers to take a moment from their busy day to explore the world of wine with a taste, flight or glass.

What's A Wine Salon?

We chose this moniker because it encompasses the essence of what we want our store to be.  We use the term “salon” as an homage to the European gathering places of the 1800’s, where patrons came to discuss the music, literature and art of the day.  We view wine as an artistic expression of the grape it represents, and believe this name was a perfect fit for our store.   Please feel free to browse the many books you will find throughout the store while sipping one of the wines available at the bar.

Who are Margaret & Maxwell?

The name is derived from Paula’s and Todd’s middle names.

Paula Margaret is named after Margaret “Aunt Margie” Tuchscherer, her father’s sister.

Margaret Tuchscherer – “Aunt Margie”

Frank Maxwell Perry – “Daddy Mac”

Todd Maxwell is named after his maternal grandfather Frank Maxwell “Daddy Mac” Perry.

About Us

Todd (Maxwell) and Paula (Margaret) relocated to Asheville from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the goal of opening a combination retail wine store and wine bar.  After working at a small, boutique wine store in Milwaukee, Paula envisioned a retail space where not only a well-curated selection of wines were sold, but also a small bar/lounge area where many of the lesser known, less popular wines could be introduced to and discovered by customers  While we’re not averse to a luscious Cab or ethereal Pinot Noir, at Margaret & Maxwell, we put an emphasis on educating people about all types wine in an inviting and fun atmosphere. After all, drinking wine should be a pleasurable experience!

Paula holds a Level 3 Advanced Certificate from Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET).  Todd worked for MillerCoors for over 30 years.